QC Connects

The Queen Creek Chamber of Commerce is focused on not only creating a relationship with its members, but connecting them with each other as well. As a business, expanding your network can prove beneficial, all while building unity within the community. 

Here's What We Do...


Chamber Luncheons are a time of learning, networking, and socializing. These monthly events bring good food, good company, and good conversation. Bring a friend or co-worker and join us!

Evening Networking Mixers

The Evening Networking Mixers are an after hours event based primarily on activities. The mixers are a great opportunity to expand your network while enjoying various activities with fellow members.

QC Lunch & Funs

Lunch Mobs provide an casual opportunity to grow relationships, while supporting one of our valued members. These events take place monthly and will each be held at a member's restaurant.

Business Awards Dinner

The Chamber Business Awards Dinner is an event used to highlight the success of our members. The night is both exciting and beneficial to members, as we promote our members and give them an opportunity to promote themselves.

Women in Business

Women in Business is a quarterly event that empowers women through mentoring, education and networking. The events feature experienced female speakers who offer support and advice to their female counterparts.

Biz U

Biz U is an opportunity to learn from and alongside fellow business owners. These events offer teaching moments for owners at various experience levels and size.