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Below are links to PDF forms and instructions to start a business in Queen Creek or Pinal County. These forms and instructions apply to most businesses, however many businesses will require meeting some industry specific requirements, such as Real Estate Licenses, Contractors Licenses, or Liquor Licenses. Should you need detailed help, please contact us.
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these PDF’s. If you are not sure you have it, you can click on the Acrobat button to download the software.

How to Start a Business in Queen Creek

This is a comprhensive booklet that is Queen Creek specific.
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How to Start a Business in Pinal County

This is a comprehensive booklet for those along the Hunt Highway Corridor or any unincorporated part of Pinal County.
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Start Up Assistance: Entrepreneur's Edge

Arizona’s Entrepreneurs Edge is your one-stop resource guide to starting, operating and growing a business. This guide provides general information for new business owners and serves as a reference and directory for established businesses of all sizes.
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State Application For Registration of Trademark/ Service Mark

This form allows you to register a logo or other artwork with the state for the purposes of protecting it. This form is not required, but provides you protection should another party try to use your trademark or service mark for themselves.
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State Application for Registration of Trade Name

This form allows you to register your company name with the State (e.g. "Queen Creek Chamber of Commerce, Inc."). It is not required by law, but also provides you protection should another party in another part of the state tries to use the same name. Many banks require this registration to open an account in a business name. In return, the state will mail you a "Fictitious Name Statement," a statement of ownership rights to the name of your business.
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Arizona Department of Revenue

Transaction Privilege Tax Application (Short Form) This short form is required by the State of Arizona to license transient vendors, such as those selling at events including fairs, special events, shows, and swap meets. It does not apply to other types of businesses, but is required for transient vendors in the Queen Creek area.
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Arizona Joint Tax Application

This is the form required by the state of Arizona to license all other businesses not included above. On it, you can apply for a regular license, a withholding/unemployment license (if you are hiring employees), use tax, and/or TPT for towns and cities that do not collect their own taxes, which includes the Town of Queen Creek. In return, the State of Arizona will mail you a "Transaction Privilege License."
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Application for Employer Identification Number

This Federal form comes from the IRS, and allows you to get the equivalent of a "Social Security Number" for your business. This form identifies your company as a separate entity from the owner(s) of the business. It can also be completed online at www.irs.gov In return you will get your "Federal Tax ID Number."
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Election by a Small Business Corporation

Should you choose to incorporate, this Federal form from the IRS allows you to turn a C Corp into an S Corp. Consult your tax service or attorney for advice before using this form.
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Queen Creek Business License Application Instructions

Please read this carefully. It is not a form, rather it is instructions on how to get properly licensed in the Town of Queen Creek. This file includes licensing fees/rates.
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Queen Creek Business License Application

Click here to download the Queen Creek Business License Application.
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Google Digital Assistance Guide

Explore tools to start and guides to grow your business, along with ways to support your favorite small businesses.